Malt Madness - Established 1995

So, in 1995 I published a few pages about malt whisky.
It wasn’t long before things got out of hand. In December
2014 the site had over 1000 pages - and then it crashed.

Since 1995, I’ve collected over 20 years worth of data on whisky.
Below you can find an overview of the five main sections of the
Malt Madness website to help you find your way around these pages.

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reconstruction of MM - or check out the sitemap for a pretty
complete picture of the contents of the Malt Madness website.

So, you're interested in single malt whisky, eh? That’s odd; me too!
Actually, for over two decades I've been more than just ‘interested’ in
malt whisky. One might even say that I suffer from ‘malt madness’.

Now that I’m older and wiser than I once was, I’ve found
that there are many other things that give me enjoyment.

Meanwhile, malt whisky has grown much more popular
in recent years. Thanks to the harsh laws of supply and
demand, prices have gone up as well. When I was still
a member of the Malt Maniacs collective I didn’t mind
spending most of my discretionary income on whisky.
These days, I try to spend my funds more wisely...

... but thanks to advertisers and donors a (relatively) full
reconstruction of the old ‘static’ site seems conceivable.
However, the whole process will take many years, while
the world keeps revolving and technology keeps evolving.

But the Scotch whisky keeps flowing...

The Scotch whisky industry is one with ‘booms’ and ‘busts’.
As long as I still have bottles from the 1990s in my reserve stock, I’ll happily keep opening one of those every
once in a while until supply exceeds demand again at some point in the future. Yes, I’m an opportunist too... ;-)

For (relative) beginners, the whisky world can be quite confusing. To help novices make some
sense of all the nonsense, the Beginner’s Guide to Malt Whisky provides ten chapters with
some of the ‘basic’ information that you will need during your exploration of the whisky world.
The Whisky Label Inspector is sort of a ‘Scotch Whisky Labels for Dummies’ leaflet.  >>>>>

The old Distillery Data section contains 150 pages about the whisky distilleries in Scotland.
Many pages look a little funky after the crash, but are still more or less browsable. Apart from
information about the history, equipment and practices of each distillery, the DD section has
thousands of tasting notes for various expressions from each malt and grain distillery.   >>>>>

Do you know what earlier versions Malt Madness were missing? A list with detailed information
about the words and phrases that are commonly used in the whisky world. Some whisky books
provide an index with a few hundred entries, but most books only cover one or a few topics.
The main page of the Whisky Lexicon gives an overview of 750 whisky words & names.   >>>>>

I don’t think that the word ‘blogging’ had been invented yet in the 1990s, but I didn’t feel like
waiting for the rest of the web to catch up. So, I started writing about whisky in my Liquid Log.
By 2015 there were over 400 log entries with tasting notes on more than 4,000 malt whiskies.
That’s a lot of my purely personal opinions to burden the web with, so I’ve slowed down now.

You can find the locations of (almost) all whisky distilleries on the interactive whisky map.
And if you move your mouse over the location of the distillery, a tiny window pops up with some
additional information. Actually clicking on the name of the distillery will take you to the profile
of that distillery in the Distillery Data section with additional info and tasting notes.   >>>>>








Malt Madness - All about Scotch malt whisky
Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...
Malt Madness as it looked in 2008

This old Malt Madness site has been seen quite a few
different ‘designs’, lay-outs and navigation structures
over the past two decades. And the whisky world has
changed quite a bit as well since the early 1990s.

Nevertheless, the technical foundation of this site has
basically not changed since the days that Windows95
made our lives miserable. Windows has improved a lot
since then, but by now this site is slowly falling apart.

This old site cannot be moved to ‘the cloud’ where I
could keep maintaining it. And there’s a chance that my
PC will crash again before the reconstruction is done.

Should it appear as if this site has not been updated in a while, I suggest you check out my new personal website
on - ideally that site won’t crash along with my PC if and when it will fail eventually.

You may understand that the constant fear of a PC crash makes working on Malt Madness a little frustrating.
Nevertheless, as long as there are enough advertisers and donations I’ll take that as a sign that this old site still
serves a purpose and I’ll keep updating it. However, with hundreds of pages still requiring refurbishment you
will encounter the sign below on some pages for a while longer...

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