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May 1, 2003

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#130 - The Big Crunch
The IT crisis finally caught up with me a while back, so I'm forced to shrink my lavish drinking collection of 48 bottles back to a mere 36 bottles. Time to run the gauntlet at the local IKEA to find myself a smaller cabinet.

#131 - The Coastal Crunch - Prelude
My campaign to eradicate the excess bottles from my collection started on Islay. Despite a bad nose day I found a way to convey my feelings about a bunch of Caol Ila's and Port Ellens. The format is inspired by Serge's 'Chinese Portraits'.

#132 - Coastal Crunch I - Ardbeg
The first 'official' round of my 2003 Coastal Crunch took me to the South shore of Islay. The menu offered six Ardbegs - four solid young ones (< 10yo) and two absolutely phenomenal Douglas Laing OMC bottlings in their twenties.

#133 - Coastal Crunch II - Laphroaig
From Ardbeg it's just a stroll to Laphroaig. There were four Laphroaigs on the table; two OB's and two IB's. Needless to say all malts managed to satisfy me.

#134 - Coastal Crunch III - Lagavulin
Lagavulin is the last of the 'Kildalton' distilleries. Apart from two OB's (the 16yo 'White Horse' and the 12yo Special Release) there were six bastard malts on the menu that might have been Lagavulins. There's no way to be certain.

#135 - Coastal Crunch IV - Bowmore
Are you a Bowmore fan? Well, I'm not. I like many bottles just fine but I like many other Islay malts even better. That's why I stopped investing in Bowmore's a while ago. As a result, I had just two bottles on the table - 15yo & 17yo.

Coming Up:

- May 2003: Grand Finale 'A' List.
- June 2003: Scotland Pilgrimage 2003

Overview of all log entries 

So, what's new on Malt Madness?

Well, first of all there's a fresh issue of Malt Maniacs.
I've just published
Malt Maniacs #6 and I think I can safely say it's one of the best issues we've published in 2003 so far. Some of the highlights are Serge Valentin's IB Survey, Louis Perlman's report on an evening with John Hansel (publisher of The Malt Advocate) and Michael Wade's Sherry Monster Report. Davin wrote another colourful report too; 'Scotch On The Rock'.

Disclaimer: Although recent studies have shown that moderate quantities of alcohol can be beneficiary
to your health, I'm pretty sure consumption on the scale I'm used to isn't advisable if your goal in life
is to grow as old and stay as healthy as possible.  If it is, I strongly suggest you stick to fresh fruit juice.
Don't try this at home kids...

Surf to Scotchwhisky.comDrop me a note...

I hope you enjoy the new stuff. As for me, I have to start preparing for my trip to Speyside this summer. I will meet up with Craig and Serge in June for some alcoholic adventures in the heart of Scotland. I can hardly wait!

Johannes van den Heuvel
Certified Malt Maniac

Let's see - what else? I've added a couple of fresh entries to the Liquid Log about the progress of my 'Big Crunch'. So far I've dealt with Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila, Lagavulin, Laphroaig and Port Ellen. That leaves Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain. Check out the column at the left for details.

Since the last update I've expanded the Big Black Book section as well - the 'mAlmanac ' and the Distillery Data section in particular. The interactive Malt Map of Scotland is back by popular demand and I've added some more Liquid Links .
The current number of malts on my
Track Record: 371.

The matrix has been expanded significantly as well.
Since we started to include single malts that were sampled by just two maniacs the number of entries has almost doubled. Anyway -
Click here for the full contents of MM#6.