I do like sports. Well.... some of them.
And when I say I like sports, I mean in the role of an active percipient.
I've never seen the point in planting my fat ass on a couch on front of a television set
to watch other people play. Every once and again, I indulge in a game of squash
or a bit of ploughing through the mud of a rugby field as either a 'winger' or a 'hooker'.

Well, that would be me - living my life to the max in Amsterdam, Holland.
Next to sipping and sniffing single malts I do enjoy reading, writing and discussing things like the meaning of life with friends. And I love to just sit and think - preferably with a malt and a cigar in my hands. My favourite thinking chair faces my
single malts bar, so I have a stimulating view whenever I'm brainstorming or otherwise engaged in creative processes.

I live by "the pleasure principle", so I love a good meal.
The fact that I'm kind of a "hit-and-run" shopper forces me to experiment a lot in the kitchen. The results usually are mixed at best, but through sheer luck or divine inspiration I have managed to compose some gastronomically groundbreaking appetizers and late night snacks.
Let me know if you would like to see some of my recipes published on this site.

Music is very important to me. I love classical music and opera; some of my favorite composers are Arvo Pärt, Guillaume Du Fay, Josquin Desprez, Gabriel Fauré, Giovanni Pergolesi, Tomaso Albinoni, Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler, Edward Elgar and John Rutter. There's a lot of contemporary music that I like as well, but whenever I'm dramming I tend to go for the classical stuff. My own attempts at composing haven't been very successful, but in my youth I have been the lead singer in the amazingly crap band "Dr. Decibel & The Explosions". Not that they really needed a singer, but I was the only one who knew how to operate all the equipment. We played during the aftermath of the punk era and I guess it sounded like punk sometimes - althought that wasn't really our intention ;-)  Our music was a tantalising mixture of traditional Duch folk songs, German schlagers, French chansons, blues and soul - all played very loudly...  We knew we stank; we were just in it for the free drinks & girls.

Ah, yes - and then there's parapente.
I made my first flights in 2000 and I've been addicted to the air ever since. The picture at the left shows 'the amazing flying Johannes' in action.
log entry #51 for more details.

Before you get the wrong idea: I'm not offering my professional sexual services on the field, or anything.
The 'hooker' position is in the mid-front of the scrum. So whenever you see two groups of 8 men stampede towards one another during a rugby match on TV, think of me. My absolute favorite outdoors activity is skiing, though. My skiing style is extremely crude but effective. It's a good thing I go only once a year, though, because my body and ski's wouldn't survive the punishment on the slopes much longer.

Oh - and I almost forgot: I love movies.
Good movies, that is. Dutch "homegrown" cinema usually sucks big time, but fortunately most major international releases are shown here in Holland. Some of my favorites are Brazil, Le Cité des Enfants Perdu, Apocalypse Now, Reflecting Skin and Barton Fink - anything by the Coen brothers, really. The advantage of books over movies is the way they stimulate the mind. My favorite authors are Herman Hesse, W.F. Hermans, Harry Mulish, Maarten Biesheuvel, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Vance and Philip K. Dick. Occasionally - but not too often - I like to engage in heavier stuff by Nietzsche, Schoppenhauer, Kant, Lenin or Jung.

And what about my daytime job?
I'm an E-Strategist. I spend a fair share of my time doing what I love most; talking and thinking about the amazing possibilities of Internet - and I get paid to do it, too! The fact that I'm maintaining several personal Internet projects in my spare time should say something about the fun I'm having doing it. Some of these (Dutch) projects are
Weird Planet and NerdQuake.

How's that for a lot of boring information you didn't really need, eh?
Why don't you
click on to more interesting stuff?

Chess is a sport too, isn't it?
The fact that it's one of the few sports that allows the players to enjoy a glass of single malt during the game makes it one of my favourite pastimes.

Just try having a glass while playing soccer or basketball - it just isn't the same. A few single malts (just a few, mind you) work wonders on the chessboard.
Well, for me anyway...

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