Amsterdam, April 1, 2003

Welcome to Malt Maniacs, the open-minded part of Malt Madness. The Liquid Log and the Big Black Book are reserved for my personal opinions and observations but in this section of the site the other 11 'malt maniacs' on the map get to have their say as well.

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Malt Maniacs #6

Pandora III Transcript 
E-pistle #06/01 - by
Johannes van den Heuvel, Holland
The 'Pandora Project' is in full swing. Klaus, Michael and Mark all received a package with six 'blind' samples. Their task: spot the Lowlander hidden between five Speysiders. Let me assure you that's not as easy as it sounds...

An Evening with John Hansel
E-pistle #06/03 - by
Louis Perlman, USA
On January 27th 2003 John Hansel hosted a tasting session in New York. American correspondent Louis Perlman reports on a tasting session with many obscure single malts.

Hot & Heavy In The Cold of Winter 
E-pistle #06/04 - by
Serge Valentin, France
Serge Valentin and Olivier Humbrecht decided to explore the topic of 'independent bottlers'. Their investigations started in February with a dozen single malts bottled by Cadenhead, Douglas Laing and James McArthur. 

Sherry Monster Report 
E-pistle #06/05 - by
Michael Wade, USA
Michael reports on a February tasting session with a bunch of sherry monsters - including the infamous 'orange goblin'.

The Signatory Signature 
E-pistle #06/06 - by
Serge Valentin, France
The second part of Serge's research of independent bottlings focussed on 20 single malts bottled by Signatory Vintage.

Scotch On The Rock  
E-pistle #06/08 - by
Davin de Kergommeaux, Canada
After last year's African safari Davin travelled to a place much more hospitable to Islay lovers: Newfoundland. Davin paints a pretty picture of the 'couleur locale' while examining the Rutherford's range of bastard malts. A darned good read.

Murray McDavid, My Mission
E-pistle #06/09 - by
Serge Valentin, France
Serge had to fly solo during the third flight of independents. This time the object of his affection was Murray McDavid.

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The Matrix offers an overview of the scores the maniacs awarded to almost 200 different single malts. Checking it out before your next trip to your local liquorist might not be such a bad idea. In fact, you may want to have peek at the Archive as well. There you can find pretty much everything we've ever published.

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Johannes van den Heuvel
Certified Malt Maniac

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