A fter a nice Gamba-meal we started the tasting with a Longmorn 15 yrs. Very nice, complex and hard to define. The bottle on my bookshelf is already half empty, but somehow I still haven't been able to give it a definitive rating yet. I expect it to rate somewhere in the lower 80's. Nobody was particularly impressed with the Tamdhu (of unknown age), especially compared to the other malts we tasted that evening.
The good old
Macallan 12 yrs. was as always great, and after the Tamdhu the heavy and unique sweetness seemed even more pronounced.

The Tamnavulin 10 yrs. isn't really my type of whisky, but it really has got a character of it's own. Oily and grassy, I have no other way of describing it. The host was very enthusiastic about the "greasy" Knockando 1979, but the rest of those present didn't really subscribe to that opinion.
Even the second glass didn't really leave a real impression.

This was also more or less the case with the Dalwhinnie 15 yrs. I tasted this whisky on several occasions but I just don't like it enough to buy a whole bottle of the stuff (much to the chagrin of some friends, who really seem to like it). A fellow-taster described it as a "sissy whisky" and I couldn't agree more.
The highlight of the evening, for me, was the
Glenfiddich 15 yrs. Cask Strength. The "ordinary" Special Reserve is one of my least favorite single malts with a rating of 63. Sadly enough it's the biggest selling single malt. Well, I just don't dig it. The 15 years old version however, seemed perfectly OK in my book. Of course, my tongue was pretty numb at the time, but at 51% it still seemed rather smooth. Great complexity in it's aroma; a wonderful example of the benefits of aging. I'm going to have to buy myself a bottle to explore this one further in the future.

B ecause I made the unwise decision to have a few more nightcaps when I got home
(I really needed that after the subway-trip), I'm not quite sure about the order of consumption of the various malts...

The 'Adwy' Tasting

April 11, 1997

M ajor tasting event at a friend's house.
Two of the seven malts we tasted that evening were completely new to me, so it proved to be an interesting evening.

Longmorn 15, Tamdhu,
Macallan 12, Tamnavulin 10,
Knockando 1979, Dalwhinnie 15, Glenfiddich 15 cask strength

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