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Do you like the Malt Madness website? Good for you!
That proves that you're a person of intelligence and sophistication
who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life - just like me. And maybe
you also happen to share an appreciation of the fine art of conversation.
In that case you are heartily invited to send me any comments, complaints, suggestions,
corrections, comments and observations that you might have. Of course, questions are welcome as
well - especially if they are intelligent ;-) 

However, more about that later. Quite a bit later, in fact.
After publishing the first part of the Malt Maniacs Archives a while ago, I still have to get some important ‘work’ work done. And all the while I’m trying to recreate my own digital comfort zone with a new PC, a new OS (Windows 8.1), new web providers and new tools.

When maintaining the website(s) is a one man operation... /
on the condition of this website. Or so thbroken links bother the crap out of me, but no longer tool access, so changes take a lot of time.

Done watching?  Are you sure? The fact that you felt the urge to start reading again kind of suggests that you are not quite relaxed enough...  But hey, (chances are that) you live in a free country - so please suit yourself... In that case, I’m afraid that I have nothing further to offer you - at least not at the moment. But you can find hundreds of older pages filled with whisky information in (for example) the Beginner’s Guide to Malt Whisky and the mAlmanac, while the Distillery Data section offers profiles on all active Scotch whisky distilleries and an interactive map of Scotland. And let’s not forget the Malt Maniacs Archives - covering 1997 - 2011. Even though I still have to finish a big chunk in the middle, a lot of whisky wisdom has been collected on those pages...


Do you feel the need to contact me (Johannes)? Well, why don’t you?
Thanks to the miracles of ‘old skool’ tools like e-mail and social media
like Twitter you should be able to get a message to me almost instantly.

You are heartily invited to send me any comments,
complaints, suggestions, corrections and observations
that you might have. Of course, questions are welcome
as well. Especially if those questions are intelligent... ;-)
You can reach me at comments@maltmadness.com.

In fact, anything worth communicating usually
takes more than 140 characters, so e-mail is best.

Twitter is great for whiskey news, links and trivia though.
So, I’ve integrated a ‘tweet feed’ in this site and would encourage everybody to follow me there.
I don’t intend to tweet pictures of my lunch or anything - just whisky news and observations.

I prefer to keep a respectable distance between myself and the rest
of the world - and I don’t really think that my diet is so interesting that
it warrants frequent comments or pictures about it on social media...

I’ve used Facebook since 2007, but with less pleasure each year - so I just stopped in 2014.
I suppose that I can’t avoid using other social media like LinkedIn, Ello and Google+ forever,
but the truth of the matter is that I’m just not the most sociable person.

Uhm... nothing really - at least not at the moment.
I have some ideas, but at the moment there’s a lot of stuff higher on my ‘to do list’.
So, follow me on Twitter for updates or send me an e-mail if you have feedback.

Meanwhile. I’ll be thinking about and working on the new Whisky Lexicon website.
The new site will be ‘responsive’ (so it can be found on Google and visited on phones),
but these things require me to think about the content and interface in an all new way.
Starting to think in a new way takes more time & effort for old geezers like myself.
So, I’ll be taking my own sweet time with that. Receiving feedback is always motivating
though, so you are heartily invited to send me any ideas, comments or feedback.
Sweet drams,
Johannes van den Heuvel, Editor Malt Madness

Contact Johannes van den Heuvel?


I’m currently working on a refurbished Beginner’s Guide - including a Debunker Bunker for the debunking
of popular but unhelpful whisky myths and misconceptions. I’ve sent you links to 9 of the 10 chapters which
are now about 50% finished. Please point out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors I’ll have made, but
also try to think about the other topics each chapter would have to cover to be useful for beginners.

Suggestions for topics for the ‘Advanced Beginners Guide’ (and Debunker Bunker) are very welcome too,
but those sections are a little lower on my list of priorities right now. You will receive an e-mail once I’ve made
another significant expansion to the new, refurbished website.

I will fill out this page later, but for now I’ll use it to post some instructions for ‘test drivers’ on Malt Madness. If you are NOT a test driver, I suggest you move along to the parts of the site that have managed to survive the massive website crash of December 2014 relatively unscathed; over 100 distillery profiles in the Distillery Data section and the Malt Maniacs Archives.
The entire reconstruction will take a few months, I’m afraid...

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