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We've entered the third millennium and the world is becoming a global village. These E-Reports by the foreign correspondents of the Malt Madness Team are tales of liquid events from all over the world.

The Team:

E xchanging experiences and ideas with other malt enthousiasts has broadened my horizons and given my enjoyment of single malt whisky a new dimension. And then I figured: 'I have only one nose, why not let 'the public' get in on the fun?' That's why I asked some of my digital malt friends to become 'Foreign Correspondents'.
In alphabetical order:
Craig Daniels - Adelaide, Australia
Davin De Kergommeaux - Ottawa, Canada
Klaus Everding - Hamburg, Germany
Krishna Nukala - Mumbai (Bombay), India
Louis Perlman - New York, U.S.A.
Patrick Whaley - Minnesota, U.S.A.
Roman Parparov - Tel Aviv, Israel
The Forum for reports and remarks by others.)

Other Contributions

In my position as 'digital malt guru' I'm on the receiving end of a lot of comments, questions and industry news. Some of these reactions are just too interesting and/or funny to let them languish in the magnetic maze of my hard disk. On the 'Forum' page you can find a small selection of useful and entertaining contributions by people other than the members of the Malt Madness Team. Announcements of international malt events, the latest bottlings, new books, tips on interesting websites, etc.

Do you have something to share - maltwise? Drop me a note!

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Here's a funny picture Mats Ola Ekberg has sent me from Sweden

And finally; here are a few funny pictures people have sent me recently. Do you think you have news other malt lovers need to know about - or funny pictures you'd like to share with my visitors? Don't hesitate to let me know.

That's it for now. New stuff will be added soon.
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'Liquid Links' section for adresses of other sites, or check out a newsgroup like alt.drinks.scotch-whisky.

View on Australia; provided by Craig Daniels