Nose: The Cardhu 12 appeared a bit sharp in the nose, though less so than with earlier bottlings I sampled. After a few minutes I experienced a strong banana-sensation. The distinct aroma of those little yellow chemical banana-candy things slowly developed inside the glass. After I pointed this out to my brother, he agreed - which means I wasn't going insane after all. The bouquet of the Knockando 1982 was much "deeper" and seemed to change from minute to minute. Complex, the hint of pepper was a nice surprise.

Taste: On this front the Cardhu proved to be something of a disappointment. Overpowering bitterness is about all there is to tell. If it had tasted as good as it smelled it would have gotten at least 3 more points - This time Cardhu has to settle for 72 points - Which stands for "sufficient niceness". The Knockando filled my mouth with a balanced warmth and a wonderful sweetness, that turns somewhat melassis-like after a while. A slow explosion in your mouth.

In conclusion: No match, really. The Knockando 1982 beats the Cardhu all along the line, and it seemed even better than the 1979-version I tasted over a year ago. A malt with balls. We went for a re-fill of the Knockando, but couldn't decide on a final rating yet. It should be somewhere near 80 points.

I'd like to end with a quote: 'Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time.'

Neighbours Tasting

June 15, 1998

I invited my brother over for a head to head tasting of Cardhu 12 against Knockando 1982. The fun part being that those distilleries are situated only a few miles apart from each other. Let's not bother with the age difference here.. 

Cardhu 12
Knockando 1982

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