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Ah, you're looking for the 'Malt Maniacs' section of Malt Madness? Tough noogies...
That site section has evolved into a separate website all by itself; Malt Maniacs.
So, you can keep reading or click here to visit the new Malt Maniacs website.
On (and around) the completely refurbished website you'll find items like:

Scotch malt whisky
Whisky books

If you already know all that stuff, I can recommend the WhiskyFun website.
My fellow 'malt maniac' Serge Valentin from France started this website almost
a decade ago and has managed to add fresh updates almost every day ever
since. Very impressive! Like the name suggests it's all about whisky - but also
about fun stuff like music, cartoons, advertising and 'enjoying life in general'...

Then it's time for some actual practice - you will have to actually sample a few whiskies before the enjoyment can begin... I've also included some information
that should help you organise a few fun yet educational whisky tastings.

If you are indeed a novice and you're wondering what's so special about malt whisky,
I can heartily recommend the Beginners Guide to single malt whisky. The ten chapters
in the guide contain all the information you'll need to embark on your own voyage of
discovery. First of all there are the fundamentals like: What is the history of whisky?
Where and how is whisky produced? What is the difference between whisky and whiskey?
The second chapter deals with the vocabulary that is used in the malt whisky world; What is the
difference between a single malt, a pure malt, a vatted nakt and a blended malt? Chapter three is all
about the relevance of geography in the whisky world - are there 'malt terroirs' in Scotland? The next chapters deal with the distillation (in various types of pot stills) and maturation (in various types of wooden casks) of malt whisky. After the bottling of a whisky (and sometimes chil-filtration) it's ready for consumption, but shopping for whisky can be a hazardous enterprise, so it would be wise to check out the tips provided here.

If you have any other questions about (the history of) this website, I'd like to suggest
that you check out the introduction to Malt Madness - or the sitemap for a complete
overview. Or the questions page with a bunch of frequently asked questions, of course.

Unfortunately, after 'a decade of heavy dramming' the good old 'Malt Madness' website
crashed in 2006. I took the opportunity to develop two brand new, separate malt whisky
websites. The old Malt Madness website was completely revamped and now (hopefully)
provides all the information about malt whisky that a novice could possibly require.
Meanwhile, Malt Maniacs is aimed at the real 'anoraks' that want to explore every nook
and cranny of the weird and wonderful world of single malt Scotch whisky.

However, perhaps you are a (relative) beginner in the wonderful world of whisky?
In that case, it might be prudent to stick around the Malt Madness website - just for a little while longer...
After all, the malt mania started on this website in 1997 when I decided to add a forum to the purely personal site that I had started a few years earlier. Like most forums on the world wide web, it contained mostly meaningless dribble at first - but as we sampled more malts we couldn't help but learn a bit along the way.


Anyway, as I said: please visit the new Malt Maniacs website for all that...

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