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Ulf Buxrud


Malmoe/Sweden and Florida/USA




IT professional, partly retired


In Norway 1942

Discovered SMSW in:


Malt Maniac since:


Other memberships:

Keeper of the Quaich, several whisky clubs (*)

Malt Mileage 1/1/'06:

Lost count years ago

Favourite single malt:

Can't answer


It is like asking which one of your kids you prefer.

Also drinks:

Grappa, Bordeaux wines, frankly anything alcoholic

Favourite food:

Northern Italy cuisine

Favourite music:

All eater

Other passions:

Travel, regional food, cooking, wine & grappa tasting

Claim to fame:


I was born in Skien, Norway 1942 and raised in the city of Malmoe, Sweden.
I live part time in SW Florida, near Naples on the paradisiacal Marco Island, and in Malmoe, Sweden.
I am married, since 1965, to lovely Birgitta whom I met in 1960. Love at first sight, at least from my side. Romantic? Perhaps. Maybe manifested by the Macallan tasting I arranged a while ago. It was structured in such a way that every year we have known each other was represented (a complete series of the years 1960-2002), plus our respective birth years 1942 and 1946. Some other good stuff was thrown in as well. Fellow Maniacs may recall the occasion, perhaps; like Dave and Alex who were two of the invited 29 guests and Charlie who was one of the enlightened six panelists. More than one liter (1.006 ml) of Macallan was served per participant. Alex summarized the event at

I have two daughters Petra (1973) and Jill (1977). Both have gone through US universities. Petra with a Master of Political Science and is now heading for a Doctor of Psychology. Jill with a Bachelor of Communication Science. She is engaged at a US corporation which is developing laser guided instruments for 'indoor GPS'. Future generation(s) of the gadget will allow free moving robots to allocate themselves with 100% accuracy in a given room, or at a war theater. Sadly, after forcing the family to tag-a-long on excursions up and down the US whisky trails the girls developed a distaste for whisky. I am since then working on the task to repair damages done and they are now gradually returning to the source by exploring Islay whiskies.

My professional background is Information Technology. I started out as a graduating member of the first batch of Swedish commercial computer programmers, back in 1963. Incorporated myself in 1967 and wrote a few service systems for computer program development, on IBM platforms. Users around the globe acquired licenses and, presto, I became one of the first 'soft ware houses' to export software from Europe to US. Received some honorary achievement plaquettes for that. Also, introduced software of US origin on the European market, all in the early seventies. Built and operated a string of sales and service centers in several European countries for that purpose. By that, travel became a dull part of a daily routine until I realized the fun and joy to shelf browse for odd whiskies when on the road.

My first contact with alcohol in general was at the European Club in the city of Abadan in Persia (now Iran), at the age of 15. It was the then famous blend whisky 'Black & White', which now is a bit hard to find. My infatuation was instant and intensive, but short lived. The sickness that hit me the day after had me to swear not to touch that evil fluid again. It took several not years just days until I broke that promise. I simply became life long hooked on its taste and flavor and not at least its effect. . .

During a string of years my libation was the usual, traditional dull blends, with an ice cube or a dash of soda water. I begun an un-systematically journey through the realm of Whiskies over time. Suddenly, around 1970 I found my salvation and my road. My Savior was the Macallan. And the road, not to Mandalay, but to Speyside. Later in life I did a pilgrimage to Mandalay, though, to fetch a bottle of a locally produced malt whisky. In the early 80's I was swamped with Single Malts not only bought in a hotchpotch fashion but also in quantities larger than possible to consume. Several bottles were just slowly evaporating and dust collecting. No orderly investigation was applied like the subjects for my prime passion then, sampling wines and taking tasting notes. At one of these wine tasting exercises I was struck by the idea of utilizing the technique and the descriptive wine lingo to systematically explore my accumulated heap of Single Malts. So I did. But realized I needed hand holding and a fact base to elaborate from. It became the foundation of my reference library on whisky. It contains, as per today, 200+ titles. All are listed on my web site. Also listed are the ones that I have not acquired, yet. A pretty nice bibliography on the subject.
It is found at

At the end of the 80's my Swedish wine-freak friends asked me to escort them through what they described as the 'jungle' of whiskies. It forced me to work out a lecture and a tasting scheme.  Later, I used it to enlighten other fellow countrymen on the subject, much to the dismay of the Swedish Teetotalers Union. During the period of 1989-1999 more than 3.000 individuals absorbed Single Malts and, hopefully, knowledge under my tutorship. This activity was recognized and by that I received an invitation to join the illustrious 'Keeper of the Quaich', in 1995. John Grant of Glenfarclas was my mentor. I know that Charlie and Martine are Keepers as well and that makes our circle of Malt Maniacs to the 'Keeper' densest group, outside our Society and its Branches.

The local, Swedish, interest in whisky underpinned by myself and other 'evangelists' led to an inflation in organized societies, circles and groups centered around not only the fluid, its history, geography, sociology and methods of production but also organizing group travels to its birth places and not to forget do cask investments. Today, Sweden harbors the highest density of such special interest groups in relation to its population. For instance, on the web only, there are 80+ clubs to be found all listing and reporting their scheduled activities regularly. I happen to be a member of honor at some, and member of the board at others. These clubs and other web-pages of whisky interest may be found on my web site.

To keep an ear to the ground and the mouth to where the whisky is poured I do visit commercial whisky trade shows as well as functions driven by sheer enthusiast like the Arbeggedon guys, whenever possible. But I also travel in groups or solitaire to areas where whisky is made. Luckily, I still have a few distilleries to visit. . .

(*) Other memberships include: Keeper of the Quaich, Honorary and board member at several whisky clubs, The Swedish Grappa Society, International Wine & Food Society, Comanderie de Bordeaux, Chaine des Rotisseurs.

E-pistle #16/18  -  Banff Distillery Profile

Not many 'full' E-pistles published yet - but many contributions to 'Ask an Anorak' discussions...

Have been constantly reworking on it since 1970.
Find it to be a Sisyphosian task.

Refrain, lost counting years ago.

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