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Front page of MM#19
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Malt Maniacs #19

Unfortunately, MM#19 has not been published yet.
However, here are links to a few recent highlights;

Lavender Lament
E-pistle #16/01 - by
Dave Broom, England
In the past few issues of MM we've discussed the 'FWP' phenomenon at length, but we haven't really come up with many solid conclusions; just the theories documented in E-pistle #14/18 a while ago. Fortunately, Dave Broom decided to do some proper research to try and answer our questions once and for all.

Kingfisher's Speyside Trip
E-pistle #16/05 - by
Ho-cheng Yao, Taiwan
Well, maybe you should prepare a few sandwiches before you join Ho-cheng on his 'sentimental journey'. He reminisces about the trip he and his family took to the heartland of Scotch malt whisky this summer. Read the report and find out why Ho-cheng truly deserves the title 'malt maniac'. And like many other malt maniacs, he's blessed with a supporting family that puts up with his maniacal behaviour. Well, up to a certain point, obviously...

The Trouble with Harry
E-pistle #16/08 - by
Louis Perlman, USA
Do you remember Louis Perlman's E-pistle about Harry in MM#10? In the article 'Enjoying Whisky Without Going Broke or Insane' Louis looked at ways to shop like a sensible maniac. Here is the second installment in Harry's ongoing saga, focusing on collecting.

Whisky with Jim
E-pistle #16/10 - by
Lawrence Graham, Canada
Lawrence Graham had the opportunity to travel through Canada for a few days in the company of whisky oracle Jim Murray. Through the wonders of the web, you can now join them vicariously.

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