Liquid Log

And even if the logic of my navigation-concept escapes you, there's always the sitemap to find what you need.

These three buttons are the ones you'll probably use the most;

BACK takes you to the previous page
HOME leads to the flashy intro-page
MAP takes you to the sitemap

The Banner shows the title of the current page, and "drops in" as soon as the entire page has loaded.

Most of the navigation buttons are located at the top of each page; You can use this button to go back to the top of the page.

On most pages you'll find a few links to pages on the site that deal with related topics.

You can send me an e-mail by clicking on @.
Clicking on
? takes you to the "Questions" page.


You can go directly to one of the five main sections of the site by clicking one of these 5 buttons below. The 'BACK' arrow takes you to the last page you visited; the 'NEXT' button brings you to the next page in the current site section.

This 'piece of paper' appears on several pages. Move your mouse across the paper to get some extra information about a certain topic.

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