All Ratings - by Alphabet - I've 'seriously' rated over 100 single malts
since my amazing discovery. These ratings are based on my own personal
taste, complexity and character... (and not necessarily in that order).
Extra: a page with
'non-malt ratings'; Bourbon, blends, vatted malts, etc.

The Best Whiskies in the World - Plain and simple; my purely personal current Top 10 of commercial malts - and my 10 favorite distilleries.

The Worst Whiskies in the World - In a perfect world, every glass of whisky should taste as good as the wonderful Lagavulin 16. We don't live in a perfect world, however, and some of the liquids that are sold as "whisky" are only fit to clean toilets with. Be warned!

The Bang-for-your-Buck List - In a perfect world, every bottle of whisky should cost as little as the (excellent) Teacher's blend. Our harsh reality, however, is quite different from that perfect world. Because of the limited nature of my assets I have to make some hard decisions every time I visit my liquorist. And now I've come up with a nifty way to rationalize the decision process.

Michael Jackson's Ratings - I've taken the ratings of over 300 single malts from Michael "Not the pop singer" Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion, and sorted them geographically. The result is a huge list of about 70 Kb, so loading might take a while.  Nevertheless, patience is a virtue, especially where single malts are concerned...

The System - So how do come up with my ratings? - Does the fact that Lagavulin 16 scores 94 points and Drumguish 3 yrs. 40 point means that Lagavulin is approximately 2,4 times as good as Drumguish? Well - not quite.

All Ratings - from Best to Worst - A list of the same single malts as before, this time ranked from best to worst.

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