Q - What is the history of this site?
A - The Malt Madness site started out as a single article in the English version of Weird Planet Magazine , my Dutch E-zine. Maintaining both an English and a Dutch version of Weird Planet Magazine proved too time-consuming, so the English version of WP is no longer available. Because I received so many reactions on my article on single malt scotch whisky I decided to add a few pages and transform it into a genuine website. Since then the site has moved two times and has grown to over 100 pages, visited by more than 50 people a day.

Q - Who the hell is Johannes?
A - Well... That would be me. Johannes van den Heuvel, to be precise. I'm a 34 years old Internet Consultant living in Amsterdam, Holland. If you really want to know about the man behind the malts you can click here. (Although I can't guarantee that you'll like what you read...)

Q - What is your relation with Scotchwhisky.com?
A - Don't worry, I haven't gone all 'commercial' on you. Malt Madness remains as independant and (sometimes painfully) honest as ever. The people at scotchwhisky.com have kindly agreed to host Malt Madness on their servers in exchange for a credit at the bottom of every page.

Q - I have a very old bottle of whisky - What's it worth?
A - I get a lot of questions about the value of collector's items like a bottle of Macallan '1874' or an unlabeled bottle from a sunken ship. I really wouldn't know - it's what the buyer is willing to pay.

Q - What's with all the upgrades, relocations and crap?
A - Very much like the Dutch swamp-worm, this site grows out of its skin every year or so. My philosophy on websites is the same as my philosophy on single malts; 'content is everything', but there's nothing wrong with a little attention for the presentation of that content.
Just bookmark 'www.maltmadness.com'; that link will always work.

What's the problem?
Do you have trouble with this site? Well, not to worry; I may be able to help you out. On this page I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about this website - and some I just made up myself.

Q - How do I navigate this site?
A - Very comfortably, I would imagine. The Malt Madness site is divided into 5 main sections; News & Information, A Beginner's Guide, Words, Numbers and The Web.

Q - Why does this site look like shit?
A - Ah well... That's a tough one. It could be because your sense of "design" is different from mine, but there may also be some technical reasons. The design of this site is specifically tailored to the browsing configuration of the majority of the visitors of my site. This means:
- Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/Me
- Browser: Netscape Communicator 4(+) or IE 4(+)
- Screen Resolution 600 x 800 pixels
- Screen Colors: High or True Color Mode
- Font Size 11 or 12
- True type font Verdana installed (Shift/click
HERE to download the font.)

Liquid Log

Q - What's the meaning of life?
A - I'm currently very busy with my research; I'll have to get back to you on that one...

If the text on this site overlaps try decreasing the font size of your browser under the 'View' pull-down menu. Screen size and screen color can be adjusted on most screens in the Windows control panel. I didn't feel like hand-coding all the Dynamic HTML myself, so I used NetObjects Fusion 4.0 to build the site. This means I (or rather you ;-) have to put up with a few little bugs - like the fact that there's some useless screen left at the bottom of some pages on this site.


The fact that the 'News/Info' button at the top of this page is greenish instead of brownish means that this page is part of the "News and Information" section of this site.
The murky depths of each section can be explored further through the buttons at the top left of your screen. It's all pretty logical, if you think about it, but especially for the intellectually impaired I've added some
navigational instructions and a sitemap to these pages.

Q - I like this site. How do I tell my friends about it?
A - Nothing could be easier. Click here to send them a message.

Q - I'm experiencing technical problems. What gives?
A - In my efforts to make this site as cross browser compatibel (from versions 4) as possible, I've had to accept some minor bugs.
Explorer: The "Up" button at the right of the screen doesn't work.
Navigator: "Find" option doesn't work / Quick Jump doesn't work.
I'll try to fix these bugs in the future; please
let me know if you experience other bugs.

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