Public Whisky Warnings - My article about 'the worst whiskies in the world' evoked quite a few heartfelt responses. The words of those who were kind enough to share their experiences should be a warning to us all.

Liquid Links - A virtual overload of information on whisky is only a mouse-click away! Here you'll find links to the best whisky sites in the world.

Solid Links - There's more to life than single malt scotch. Broaden your horizons and have some fun with these selected non-malt links.

Malt Madness Matrix - Check it out! The MMM is an overview of more than 100 widely available single malts, rated by the correspondents.

E-Reports - Over the years, a few visitors of the Malt Madness site have started to send me frequent tasting reports. Here you can find a selection from the contributions of these 'foreign correspondents'.

E-signments - Every now and then, the corrspondents receive an assignment by e-mail about a collective theme or subject. It's amazing what they can come up with when they put their heads together...

Forum - Do you have a tip on a hot new malt? Have you discovered a good whisky bar? Do you disagree with my ratings? Are you looking for a rare malt?  Share your desires, experiences and opinions with the world!

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Liquid Links
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