One of the winners in our whisky competition!

The Malt Maniacs Awards only come around once
a year. If rankings, ratings & scores are your
thing, our new whisky monitor database should
satisfy most of your desires during the rest of the
year. The database contains scores, details and
tasting notes for over 10,000 different whiskies.
And that's all about the MM Awards for now...
Sweet drams, 
Johannes van den Heuvel
Founder Malt Madness / Malt Maniacs

At the bottom of
this page you'll
find the logos
of some of our
more ambitious
have participated
multiple times over
the years. The fact
that we don't hand
out 'double gold'
medals keeps some
of the participants
away, but not the
brave brands below.
And that's the spirit!

The Whisky Olympics

What's more, we don't charge 'entry fees' either - unlike most
of the 'professional' competitions. If you know that some of
the 'professional' competitions charge $500 per entry, you can
get how 'giving' medals and awards becomes their business.

Although this is still an amateur competition, we take it very
seriously. That usually means that a jury member spends at
least an hour with each whisky in the competition. Over many
years of tasting whisky, many of us have perfected the fine art
of 'micro-dramming', so we can sample each whisky at least 2
or 3 times, 100% blind of course, to guarantee 'solid' scores.
(Well, ONE maniac knows the codes, but he or she is no juror.)

So, here at the Malt Maniacs Awards we're not forced to hand out medals to our 'customers' in return for their
entry fees. Instead, we can try to provide our fellow maniacs and 'Joe Public' with useful and reliable information.
But you don't have take our word for it; simply buy a few medal winning whiskies and compare our collective
opinion with that of other, more 'professional' jury's.
Why don't YOU be the judge for yourself?  But if you do come to the conclusion that our judgement can be
trusted, make sure to pay attention around December 1 when the results of the competition are traditionally
published. Prices of limited bottlings that did very well are often sold out in a matter of hours after the results
of the MM Awards are published - and/or some prices may be 'adjusted'.
Sorry, we can't help that...

Wilson & Morgan
Gordon & MacPhail
The Whisky Exchange
Celtic Whsiky Compagnie
Berry Brothers
Duncan Taylor
The Whisky Fair
Signatory Vintage
Douglas Laing
La Maison du Whisky
Benriach whisky
The Whisky Agency


Malt Maniacs Awards - Overview

Since the 'prehistoric' days of the malt maniacs (ah, those were the 1990's) we have
been frustrated by the ' chocolate medals' that were printed on the labels & boxes
of some whisk(e)y bottles. Most of those medals and awards were handed out by
members of the whisky industry themselves, as well as suppliers of promotional
material that disguised their business model as a wine or whisky competition.
Let's just say that their tastes in whisky were not always similar to ours...

So, we decided to set up an alternative whisky competition of our own.
You can find an overview of all awards and medals that were handed out in that
year on the pages for the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
editions of the Malt Maniacs Awards. From 2011 on we've used a jury report and
a detailed score card to publish our findings and social media to spread the news.

MM Archives - Home

During the first few years of our competition we also kept a neat overview of the various medal winners in
different categories. Check out the Malt Maniacs & Friends group on Facebook for the latest developments.

MM Awards Overview --- Rules --- A2003 --- A2004 --- A2005 --- A2006 --- A2007 --- A2008 --- A2009 --- A2010 --- A2011


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Malt Maniacs Awards - Overview & Introduction

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