Whisky Map of Scotland

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Whisky Map of Scotland

Interaction with the map

You can move the map around by dragging it with your mouse, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Moving the mouse over a distillery label on the map will reveal some basic information. Clicking on a label will open the full distillery profile on Malt Madness. If your browser prevents opening links in new windows or tabs, press your SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking the link (or right-click to choose your prefered way of opening the link).

Distilleries menu

If you want to find out where a distillery is located, simply pick a name from the alphabetical list of distilleries in the upper left corner of your screen. This will highlight the name and make the map move towards its location. Names of silent malt whisky distilleries are distinguished by their brown colour, grain distilleries are white.


Alternatively, you can use the minimap in the upper right corner of your screen. The rectangular selector on the minimap indicates the part of the map that is currently visible; simply drag around the selector to explore the area of your choice.
Clicking on the minimap outside of the selector will move the map to the clicked position immediately.
Use the three links at the top of the minimap, or use hotkeys D, M and H to toggle the distilleries menu, the minimap and the help window on/off.