Black Book - My little black book contains the notes and ratings of all the single malts I've tasted since my amazing discovery. Notes on over 150 malts.

Old Tasting Reports - Reports of my latest tasting sessions are published in the 'Liquid Log'. Here you'll find the reports of previous experiences.

The Tasting Ritual - About my personal single malt scotch whisky tasting ritual - a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

My Amazing Discovery - The world is divided in two kinds of people; those who haven't experienced single malt scotch whisky - and those who have! As hard as it is to imagine, I belonged to the former category once. Here you'll find the story on how my disgust for Jacques Chirac provoked my "Grande Boycotte de la Cognac et Armagnac" and the subsequent discovery of SMSW.

Blind In The Woods - The first time I ever got a single malt pegged down in an "honest blind test" was both an historic and an hysterical occasion.
Read all about it!

On-line Malt Shopping - I've been living on-line since 1996, but until recently I hadn't really thought about buying my single malts on-line. When I finally did, I decided to fire up some searchengines to find out if I could really buy single malts from the relative comfort of my computer desk.

The Four Malt Seasons - Here in Holland, we have something called 'seasons'. Four of them, to be precise. Each season has its own weather, its own rhytm and its own mood. And a few single malts that seem to perform especially well in that particular season, it seems.

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